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Have a plan.  Think about how it will all work in your space.  Measure, measure, measure ahead of time!  The scale of a piece can look drastically different on paper than it will in the space, map it out first.

Evaluate each purchase.  Does it meet your needs now and in the future?  Does the piece have quality, longevity, and durability?  We like to know a piece will have some fluidity in a future space - whether a new home, or in a new room.  Think through the possibilities for each purchase so that you can evaluate whether it works only for one specific purpose or can suit a future need in a different space if necessary.

Buy the best quality you are able to.  There is a great saying, 'Buy well now and you only cry once."  or something like that.  That is not to say that everything has to have a pedigree.  We love mixing high and low, but each in its own place.  (Some of our favorite flourishes for projects have come from West Elm or Ballard Designs, but in the right scale, quantity and purpose.)

Consider an outside opinion before making permanent design decisions.  So many times we hear clients say 'We wish we had spoken with you first, before making xyz decision...'  Redoing something that was done incorrectly or not as envisioned is no one's idea of a good time, but often is the only step to remedying the situation.


Our local favorite for carpet and upholstery cleaning:
DA Burns 206.782.2268

How to remove a wine stain:
This works on carpet and upholstery like a charm. Truly.  Using a damp white dishtowel, blot out as much of the stain as possible.  Then pour regular table salt all over the stain and cover with another damp white towel.  Let it sit for awhile, or a few hours, then check the stain.  Use a vacuum to get up the salt, then use another damp towel to blot.  You can also use club soda in place of water. 

How to remove furniture indents in carpet, once you move the furniture:
This is genius, straight from Martha Stewart.  Place ice cubes in the indented areas.  When the cubes melt, blot the water and vacuum.  Repeat the process if necessary, but one time usually does the trick.

More coming soon.